Five Tony Robbins Principles To Accelerate Growth For A Business Owner

As an entrepreneur, you can find yourself stuck between working 24/7 or slacking off completely. In fact, work/life balance is a common compliant for many of my clients. It's a challenge to balance for any working's an added curve ball when your home and business exist in the same space. 

But as any successful business owner knows, you either grow your business or it dies. And often that growth comes from expanding your perceptions and learning new things. 

But growth comes with a price. I thought long and hard about taking off five days and spending money to attend Tony Robbin's Unleash the Power Within in New Jersey this summer.  

Was the time and monetary investment going to Unleash the Power Within going to pay off in my business? 

Without one doubt it did pay off more than I ever imagined possible. 

Before the seminar, I fielded reactions from friends and colleagues that ranged from "get ready to be changed forever" to "have fun in the cult".  I was curious to see for myself and without reservation both groups were correct. 

I was changed forever by the "cult" and thankful for the experience.  

Want to know if attending UPW is for you (he puts them on 3x per year in the US)?

Here are the pieces that I think bring the most value to entrepreneurs. 

Lesson One: Master Your Mind

A core theme for the entire weekend is each person's ability to chose their reactions to any situation.  We spent hours reviewing how your mind is actually in your control and how you can choose to live from a place of power or an attitude of weakness. 

Why is this mindset mastery so important in business?

Imagine if you could remove the triggers that get you stuck?  For example, Tony told the story of how, as the owner of 30+ companies, there is an absolute likelihood that at any given moment something is blowing the EFF up. What are the chances that all thousands of employees are at max potential in every given moment? Not high. 

So in the past, he'd get a phone call or text regarding some calamity, like a business losing $100k in an avoidable error. In the past he'd yell and carry on, the employee would shut down and it would take time to move to a solution. 

But not now that he has mastered his state (in non-cult terms, "state" = "attitude").

It's the 90-second rule.

Give yourself 90-seconds on any day to FREAK OUT. To RAGE. To feel all the deep, dark and resentful feelings. Then throw back your shoulders, push out your sternum and respond with a smile to the calamity. 

Tony's core response: Well isn't that FASCINATING? Can you help me figure out what we can do from here?

With this "fascinating" response to bad news, you tone down the tension and allow the other party to breathe. When you don't react like a shotgun, the other party can react with a solution. 

The practical exercises we did at the seminar were geared towards practicing how to shift your posture, attitude and mental state so nothing can knock you off of your game.

This mindset mastery is probably one skill that has helped Tony Robbins most. I would say it is working, given his companies generate about $5b annually. Yes, that's right. FIVE BILLION. 

So next time you have a fire drill at work (or home), pause. Breathe. Correct your posture to be more powerful, with shoulders back and your sternum up. And be fascinated. Be curious. Uncover the solution from a place of power and interest, not one of anger and frustration for what already is. 

A leaders ability to LEAD is their superpower. And you lead through crisis with calculated interest in the solution.

Lesson Two: Release Limiting Beliefs

Day three of the seminar covered the most meaty topic: how to remove the negative stories you tell yourself so you can achieve the success you desire.  

It's a pretty simple concept.

How many people do you know that say they want to be self-employed, but don't actually do anything towards the goal?

Do you have a colleague who is desperate to get out of debt, but doesn't open their bank statements?

Or an entrepreneur who is about to hit the tipping point for explosive growth and is holding back?

Tony's sage advice is that none of these limits are due to a character flaw or lack of ability. Instead, all of these self-imposed limits exist when you listen to an old story you have created about yourself. 

Maybe you are poor because you never had a model as a child of a respectful human with money. Or perhaps you feel that if your success eclipses your peers you will be abandoned. Or maybe you don't believe you are smart enough to succeed as your own boss. Whatever the issue, Tony spent hours reviewing that to change your outcome, you need to change your story. 

Tony spoke at length of some of his own stories that he needed to release to become the mogul he is today. In the past, he struggled with the fact that he was too young and un-educated (he never went to college) to be at the level of success he desired. But one day he realized that he could shift these perceptions to be his superpowers. 

By changing his mindset to see his age and education as his advantages, his confidence soared and the success followed. 

Tony started to believe and focus on the fact that being young enabled him to not be buried in old dogma and his real world education empowered him to approach things from a life perspective. 

As he took on these new stories, they became his unique selling points. He believed in himself and as his confidence increased, so did the confidence in him by others. 

So how does a business owner figure out what beliefs might be limiting your growth? 

Try the following steps:

  1. Write down your desires for your business

  2. Now capture WHY you feel you haven't hit that success

  3. And look for patterns - are there stories that exist that keep you stuck?

  4. Now find out how to take that story, and turn it around to be empowering and supportive of your goals

The Tony Robbins process took hours and involved the most cultish experience of the four days. But it was powerful. And beautiful. And if you can get over the idea that you are processing your demons with 14k other souls in a hockey arena, you will be amazed at the magic. Literally everyone I spoke to felt completely transformed. And some even looked different, lighter and happier immediately following. 

Why not at least examine your stories? It is a much more empowering place to help you improve your success than thinking you are destined to have patterns you can't break. 
Need some help breaking through those stories? This is a topic I love to discuss

Lesson Three: Moguls Are Disciplined - in Mind AND Body

The entire last day of the seminar is dedicated to creating a lifestyle that supports success - diet, exercise, meditation and mental health. 

Most millionaires have morning power routines. Most millionaires exercise regularly. Most millionaires take care of their bodies. 

Tony Robbins is no exception. His body discipline is part Navy Seal, part Buddha. He is relentlessly focused on achieving the BEST outcomes in every aspect of his life. Feed your body, improve your life. 

Other than his many daily routines, including Priming (check out his PRIMING ritual here) and his cold shower ritual, he is militant about diet and exercise. Over the course of the weekend, it was clear how much movement can impact your mood. With long days (16+ hours) and little food, we were often tired. But he would have us get up and moving, shaking our bodies to pulsing feel good music and the energy would return -- just like that. It was amazing to see the direct impact changing the position of your body has on your mood. There might be something about how depressed people stay depressed as they keep their bodies still. 

Moving your body DOES have a huge impact on your state. So give yourself some positive, non-negotiable routines to care for your body by moving it and feeding it well, daily. 

If you value yourself, others will value you too. Raise your standards. Starting with Yourself. 

Lesson Four: Know Your X-Factor

Many consultants I know often spend hours negotiating or thinking through their rate -- how much they will charge PER hour.  But really, most people aren't buying time, unless it is with a babysitter or dog walker. Consumers are looking to purchase VALUE. 

Selling your services based on time alone does not help your brand. Trade you time based offering to one based on the outcome you are selling. 

Your X-Factor correlates to this theme.  A very tangible, clear articulation of what it is you offer and HOW it solves someone's core needs is a business mandate. 

Know your X Factor

Why do you think companies such as Apple, Bulletproof and Whole Foods are so successful? They sell an intangible: creativity, brain power and health. Who doesn't want to pay a premium for those types of outcomes?

Tony Robbins (I 100% agree) wants every entrepreneur to own an X-factor. I do marketing consulting, but my X-factor is acceleration. I help brands gain momentum and move through my version of the business cycles: startup, tipping point and momentum maintenance. At each stage, there are key things to consider. 

Tony adds to this idea by adding in that you can't ONLY deliver one thing, you need to overdeliver.  For Tony that means 16 hour days where he inspires, entertains and takes you to new levels of consciousness in 10 hour sprints without breaks. Can you imagine talking, dancing and shouting in a stream of consciousness for 10 hours straight? No notes, no cue cards? It is his superpower. And he even takes that to the invincible level. 

Lesson Five:  What Are the Biggest Risks for Business Owners?

Tony sets his sights on three components that dictate a businesses success or failure. If you can successfully navigate these issues, you are in a stronger place for success. 

  1. See the Future and Prepare for It Every business must have a clear view of the road ahead.  Can you imagine that in the 1970s, the analyst reports thought Sam Walton and Walmart had no future? I mean, come on! JC Penny, Sears and KMART were all in the market.  But Mr. Walton? He saw a need. Give people access to the BEST prices and they will drive forever and be loyal forever. He saw a need and created a company that could deliver against it. While other companies fell prey to the Internet and global markets, he embraced it. Online sales became a core part of his business and he expanded rapidly East. Go where the consumers are and where they want deals...the rest is history (and why the Walmart family is the largest group on the Fortune Billionaires list). 

  2. Planning and Productive Execution: You must see the future, and be prepared for it. Are you a tech company? You need to be focused on the five next iterations and what else is happening in the tech space that could impact your business.  Systems are imperative to controlling costs and amplifying your reach.  Moving from the mindset of an do-it-yourself operator to an owner is also key.  Efficiency leads to profitability. Sometimes it is hard to see the forest through the trees. In those cases, you need a partner to help point you in the right direction. Sometimes one call is all that you need. 

  3. Your Own Mindset:  Do you have limiting beliefs that will impact your success? Can you not accept you could earn seven figures? If you can't think it, you can't be it. You are your thoughts. Successful business owners work on their mental fortitude as well as hire mentors. Want to enter a new market? Find a successful model versus thinking you can do it all alone.  Your mindset is also impacted by the people in your Web of influence. Raise your standards. Surround yourself with others who breathe your mission. It matters in your success. 


All Business Owners Must Commit To Personal Growth

Tony does three immersive learning experiences EACH year.

I have to agree with him, every business needs time to get out of the day to day and push the limits. A great way to do that is to remove yourself from predictability and enter a new learning experience.  There are thousands of things to learn: SEO, digital marketing, how to create videos, creative writing classes, NLP or maybe photography will open up your mind to seeing things differently, or a surfing retreat will open you up to being more daring. 

As I approach personal growth each year, I structure my learning experiences in three buckets: business growth (quarterly marketing planning sessions for me -- you can book one here), personal growth (NLP, energy work, values expression) and the physical (getting your body in peak shape: a ski week, yoga retreat, spa experience or a new physical challenge like scuba). By combining these in a manner that enables you to be either more still or more connected, you also benefit. I like some of my growth to make new connections and some to be solitary and introspective. For me this balance helps me make more break-throughs each year. 

Whatever your desire, make growth happen. And if you get a chance to go to the next UPW, do it. Your energy and mindset will be forever changed.  And if you are looking, Palm Beach in November 2017 is the next event

Still not sure? The networking opportunity alone is also the worth the cost of the ticket. More than 2/3 of the audience were business owners. Where else does that happen? Especially not as common in an environment that enables so many effortless personal connections. 

 Ways to Commit to Growth Today

I, like most of the my clients, have time prioritizing my own optimizations for my brand. I have found most success in setting aside quarterly planning sessions with my own favorite marketing gurus to help me commit to constant improvement and to challenge my thinking. 

Are you on track in 2017? Have you prioritized how you are going to end the year and crush your goals? Maybe you need a partner to bounce ideas off of, or someone to help you see a small incremental shift that will lead you to greater success. 

I think every entrepreneur needs accountability and a partner. Interested in accelerating your business before the end of the year? Book a momentum call with me to discuss what your business needs to get to the next level.