Why You Should Run, Not Walk, To the Next Funnel Hacking Live Event.

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Funnel Hacking Live 2019 has finally come to a close and my head is spinning. I left with so many new things to implement (and some great skincare and a weight loss boot camp to try).

For me, this was my fourth ”growth conference” because I truly believe EVERY entrepreneur needs to be immersed a few times each year. BUT, and I use this word purposely, to get something out of any conference (even my favorite Tony Robbins conferences) you must show up, meet up and take MASSIVE ACTION when you return.

My takeaways were sometimes less about what was said, and more about what I needed to hear in that moment. And maybe that will be true for you too as you read ahead.

Here are my Top Ten takeaways from Funnel Hacking Live 2019. I’m headed back next year, are you?

Biggest Lessons Learned

If You Are Not Selling Enough Start Here:

It all comes down to the Hook, Story and Offer

  • Hook: Catch their attention> Capture attention based on the problem, and use the story to sell your solution.

  • Story: Connect emotionally > Connect the your story to the consumer’s struggle, show them you can make change possible.

  • Offer: Drive desire and value > It must include ALL the value spelled out. Add in all the things that you deliver. Make it a list of value. The longer, the better.

If you are not generating leads, closing deals or retaining customers there is something wrong with one of those three things. Tweaking one of them can make the world of difference. And if you are stuck, start with your offer. That is likely the place where the value is falling short.

Stop Stalling and Get It Done:

Forget the naysayers, the anxiety ridden or anyone else in your world that doesn’t see the opportunity you see. Life is not about other people and their feelings, but instead YOUR purpose, so go out and do it.  The only difference between you and someone more successful is that they gave themselves permission to stop talking and start doing the things to get ahead.

Never Limit Yourself Based On Your Current Circumstances:

Every idea, business, transformation, and healing started from a place of ZERO. You are NOT alone. So, your capacity for change and growth can be never be limited either. See beyond your circumstances and seek clarity on what that means for you.

When You Aren’t Making Enough Money, You Are Likely Thinking Like a Poor Person:

Poor people extend time tables and fill their lives with distractions and excuses, without contributing to themselves or others. Rich people collapse times tables because time is infinitely more valuable than money. You can’t make up for lost time. Period. Time to get rich, you increase the speed at which you generate revenue.

Be rich on purpose - it is not going to happen accidentally
— Myron Golden (Funnel Hacking Live 2019)

If Some Of Your Customers are Terrible To Work With, You Haven’t Spent Enough Time Thinking About Who You Want To Work With:

I mean, isn’t this just like any relationship? To get what you want, you must KNOW what you want. So make sure you have a clear visual and detailed description of your perfect business partner.

Small Tweaks You Can Make TODAY

Make Your Personal Facebook Profile Your Business Card:

A way to grow your business faster is to capitalize on your personal reach. Make your profile an extension of your brand. Post there, comment from that page in groups, as you will be viewed more and reach a larger audience.

If You Are Stuck On What to Say, Tell It In One of Four Ways:

Those stories can be a personal anecdote, a mistake, a myth or a misconception. You can follow a simple formula starting with a “let me tell you a story.” Then tell the story. Then recap the lesson. Finally, transition to the point you are selling next.

Write Down Your Top 100 Desired Traffic Sources Across All Channels:

Facebook, like our economy, is going to continue to cause more friction for entrepreneurs… Just like we ALL need to be prepared for the impending market crash (which can MAKE us money if we are prepared), Facebook cannot be your sole source of traffic. Actually, WRITE DOWN your top 100 desired traffic sources (meaning which influencers you would love to share customers with). And try to pay or earn your way into a shared audience in those networks (Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Podcasts, Blogs).

Make Your Mess Your Message:

Tell your REAL story: Even if you think your story is honest, go deeper. It is the things you still won’t discuss that will resonate. For me, I can tell my audience I was once told I was supposed to be in a wheelchair, but I won’t take a picture with my crutch. Why is that? It is still a block. An aura I am trying to protect. I can do better. And I did post conference. I put it out there. Over 100 comments and likes better, I can tell you that this works.

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