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"Karen has been incredibly instrumental in helping me launch my business.  Her marketing techniques are savvy, timely and well-researched.  She is passionate and knowledgeable about driving the right people toward products and services that fit their lives and personalities.  Her skills as an expert marketer have been invaluable as I launch my business."

- Tonya Dreher, Hope Treks


"As I took on a new focus for my nutrition consulting business, Karen was at my side. She helped me see my value and price my services accordingly. I was new to digital marketing, and she broke it down for me into actionable steps. I have much more confidence on my plan and my business is growing quickly."

- Emily Roach, Emily roach wellness

"Karen. Where do I even start with Karen? Not only is she personable, funny and genuinely kind, but let me just say that this woman knows her shit. To be truly honest, I knew nothing about marketing or how truly vital it is to have some sort of game plan in place for my business before talking with her.

Marketing Magnet had put everything into place I used to struggle with in regards to wording or putting into cohesive thoughts - with almost no time or effort for me!  The best part was that I could completely trust her to team to represent our company professionally with our clients.

When it comes to digital marketing there are loads of folks who talk a good game but Karen MAKES IT HAPPEN.  She has enabled me, coached me and given me the confidence to not only share Wedding Boss Life's story widely, but to try new techniques in my business immediately.  I didn't just learn "how" to write, "what"  and "why" also became MUCH clearer. Karen's words of wisdom brings our business GREAT results. This woman is the real deal!"

- Lauren dragon-cook,Wedding Boss LifeLDC & Co