month-long Strategy engagements

You have questions. We have answers.

Our month-long strategy intensive is the perfect solution for:

  • Non-profit founders who want expert marketing guidance about what they should be focusing on to grow a successful movement

  • Growing enterprises wanting to prioritize their marketing efforts with a focused budget

  • Venture-backed organizations facing tricky marketing challenges which could include: social media strategy, service pricing, product packaging, branding, or website upgrades

We’ll evaluate your situation with pre-work and a strategy deep-dive and a give specific, realistic marketing plan so you can take action and create results quickly!

 How it works:

1 // You’ll schedule your session date.

2 // Your session will take place remotely, via our conference line.

3 // Prior to your session, you’ll complete our diagnostic pre-work.

4 // We’ll evaluate your situation and conduct our research.

5 // During your session, we’ll provide our framework and solution.

6 // You’ll receive an action plan you can implement immediately.

7 // Q&A…so you understand and feel excited about your plan!

8 // Stay on track with 3 weeks on implementation of the plan.


Our clients have a wide variety of businesses.

Some include:

  • Regional health care payers

  • Religious institutions

  • Mission-drive service providers

  • Locally-sourced retailers

  • Global consulting firms

  • National non-profits

  • Creative service businesses

  • Artists

  • Venture and private equity firms

  • Global NGOs

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